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Sep 9, 2020

Dress to Impress

Just as no two customers are the same, neither are two bedroom wardrobes. We love coming up with custom made wardrobe solutions to make life easier and more organised.

Some people are looking for custom built wardrobes that blend seamlessly into the bedroom décor. Others want to make theirs more of a feature with free standing wardrobes.

Whichever category you are in, Flexi can design Instagram-worthy bedroom wardrobes that will be the envy of even your dearest friends and followers.

Dress It Up

Ever dreamt of having your own dressing room? Yes, we know it sounds a little bit decadent but just think of it as a really large walk in wardrobe!

If you have the space, they’re an excellent and wickedly luxurious addition to your home. Imagine getting dressed in a peaceful, private and organised space. What a great start to the day (as well as making you feel totally glam!)

Have your adult kids flown the nest and their bedrooms are dumping zones for all manner of stuff? Got a guest room but rarely have guests? Then close your eyes and reimagine these as your own dedicated, stylish dressing room.

Don’t worry if you have no idea on how to get started! Flexi will sketch out ideas and tell you what’s possible, no matter how big or small your space is.

Designing a Dreamy Dressing Room

Dressing rooms help create precious space in the bedroom as well as add value to your home, making it more attractive for the next owner.

There’s some key areas we consider when creating your dressing room.

The Space

Ideally you’re looking to create a dressing room, you’ll need enough room to give you ample built in robes with hanging and clothes storage, as well as space to let you get ready in. And bonus points if this area is located close to your bathroom or ensuite.

Clothes Storage

This is the most important aspect of your dressing room. Flexi will design the storage around your needs, with a combo of built in wardrobes, open shelving, drawers and other accessories to suit the most dedicated fashionistas.


Shoe racks, tie racks, drawers for cufflinks, jewellery and belts – this is where the fun and personalisation begins. Flexi’s designers will help choose the accessories you need to create the perfect space.


Good lighting is crucial as it helps you see and locate clothing items and show you and your outfit in their best light. No more mismatched socks!


No dressing room is complete without a full-length mirror. They help create a light-filled space and let you check yourself out (or snap a quick selfie) before you head out. Choose a framed, hanging mirror for a luxury look or opt for sleek mirrored, custom wardrobe doors.


If you’re doing your hair and make-up then a dressing table and seating is a must. Occasional chairs and ottomans can also take your dressing room to the next level of luxury.

Feeling excited about the thought of your own divine dressing room or custom wardrobe? Then speak with the Flexi team today.

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