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Entertainment Units

Whatever your passion – movies, tv, music or gaming – our entertainment units will help you enjoy what you love even more.

A custom designed entertainment unit is not only a beautiful addition to your home, it can also hide the television away from view; be a place to hide hardware, unsightly wires and cables and provide somewhere to store your games console or set top box, remote controls and DVD’s.

Televisions now come in so many sizes and styles, that we often need to have an entertainment unit custom desgined to fit around the TV!  Cabinetry can house televisions that hang from the walls as well as those on stands. Whatever your preference, there is a solution for creating a great look to surround your TV.

An entertainment unit can also be custom designed to house your sound system and speakers.  If you are a music lover and enjoy good quality sound in your home, an entertainment unit can enhance the way you listen to music with options available to protect your speakers.

Entertainment units are also a clever way to house your electronic games.  They not only hide the numerous cables that come from gaming consoles but provide a neat way to store remote controls and other paraphernalia associated with Playstations, Wiis and other games that your family may like to play.

Cabinetry for entertainment units can offer an innovative way to hide unsightly cables, wires and plugs and present a sleek look for your living room or games room.  When you decide what you need to store in your new entertainment unit (it may be time to get rid of those old CDs and DVDs!), you can choose from cupboards, shelving, drawers and other custom designed components.

Flexi custom design, manufacture and fully install entertainment units.

One of our experienced designers will visit your home to understand what will suit your needs.  As part of our free in-house design service, we will consider your audio-visual equipment requirements, whilst also ensuring your room looks exactly as you dreamed.

We will ask you a number of questions about your entertainment needs.  Are you mostly movie watchers, or gamers or music lovers or perhaps all three?  How much storage space do you require?  What type of cables do you need and how many are there?

Cabinetry options include full or partial cabinetry around the screen, depending on how much storage you need to enable you to clear the clutter from the rest of your room. 

Of course, your new entertainment unit needs to become a part of the décor of your home and the team at Flexi have extensive experience helping our customers choose the best fit for their living and entertainment rooms.  Our cabinetry comes in a range of colours and materials, so your new entertainment unit can fit seamlessly with the décor of the rest of your home.

We can offer you a range of entertainment unit designs to suit your home, from classic to modern design.  Some of our customers prefer to have their books, ornaments and photographs out on display, whilst others prefer a sleeker and tidier look with everything behind custom designed cabinetry.

The team at Flexi will show you a range of accessories, including:

  • Aluminium or cloth mesh doors for your speakers
  • Cable ports, trays and false panels to hide cords and cables – your home theatre entertainment unit will be sleek and tidy
  • Pop-up GPOs
  • A range of lighting options to enhance the atmosphere of the room 
  • We can also recommend reputable entertainment unit retailers if you need to purchase quality TV, sound system and speakers

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