Wardrobe Doors

Wardrobe Doors

Beautiful wardrobe doors not only enhance the overall look of your wardrobe, but also complement the décor in the rest of the room.  When choosing to install built-in wardrobes in your house, wardrobe doors are usually the best option.  Most of our customers choose to keep their walk-in robes open but, in some situations, wardrobe doors can create a sleek look and provide you with some areas of privacy.

All of Flexi’s wardrobe doors can be fitted as:

    • Sliding and Top Hung Trackless Wardrobe Doors
      – these don’t impact further into the room when they are opened & The smooth glide function means the wardrobe doors can be easily opened and closed for access to your wardrobe.  They offer a sleek and modern feel and are well suited to areas in which you need a clear thoroughfare, such as an entrance way, beside a bed or in a hallway.
    • Hinged Wardrobe Doors – this is a traditional option for modern wardrobes.  All our hinged wardrobe doors have a soft close function in the final stages of closing to make the doors quiet but and help to protect little fingers from being caught in doors.

Your wardrobe doors are the part of your wardrobe that you will see every day and have the biggest impact on the décor in your house.  We will help you make a choice that you will love for many years to come.

Our extensive range of doors means that you are certain to find the robe that is perfect for you, including:


    • Clear Glass Wardrobe Doors – for sections of your walk-in or built-in wardrobe will allow you to view your clothing, shoes and accessories before you open the doors.  They can also bring a chic, contemporary look and feel to the room, perfect for a modern home.
    • Frosted Glass Wardrobe Doors – these are a wonderful way to enhance the décor in your room. Flexi has a range of designs for you to choose from.
    • Mirrored Wardrobe Doors – these enable you to get rid of that freestanding full-length mirror and use the space in your room more efficiently. They can  also make your room seem larger and more spacious than it is.
    • Wood Grain Wardrobe Doors

The team at Flexi can show you a range of wood grain wardrobe doors with varied colours and finishes.

    • Panel Wardrobe Doors

We can offer you a variety of sliding panel wardrobe doors to suit any décor in a room. Panel doors add a sleek, modern look to any room.

    • Aluminium Wardrobe Doors

Aluminium wardrobe doors enable a more complex design and are perfect for areas where there may be moisture, such as laundries and bathrooms.

    • Carved Wardrobe Doors

Carved wardrobe doors offer a more traditional look to your room and can be used to complement décor that has a Hamptons, seaside feel or a country house look.

    • Gloss or Matt Finish Wardrobe Doors

The finish on your wardrobe doors is an entirely personal decision. We recommend looking at our samples to get a feel of the finish that you’d like for your wardrobe doors.

    • Coloured Wardrobe Doors

Our designers can offer you a wide variety of colours to match your walls, flooring and room accessories.

    • White Wardrobe Doors

Simple, white wardrobe doors create a neutral palette for the décor in your room.

    • Combination (such as Grain, Gloss or Glass combinations) Wardrobe Doors

The team at Flexi can work with you to combine a number of materials to create the look you want for your wardrobe doors.

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