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6 Amazing Benefits of Having your very Own Home Theatre

Jan 7, 2021

A custom home theatre is the ultimate way to incorporate home comfort and modern design in your home. And once you see the benefits of having your very own home theatre, you will wonder how you ever lived without one!

Home Theatre Design Benefits

If you dream of movies, sport, or your favourite TV shows on a large screen, in the comfort of your own home, then custom home theatres are perfect for you.

Sit back, relax, skip the line at the movies! Enjoy the ultimate theatre experience, with a custom designed entertainment unit, in the comfort of your very own home cinema!

Skip the Queue

Do you like standing in line for ages, just waiting for your turn to buy the tickets/popcorn/drinks? No, we don’t either. With your very own home theatre, you can simply walk into the room, and start the movie or kick back and watch the footy. Less waiting and more fun!

Food & Drinks on Tap

So, what’s you snack of choice when watching the game or enjoying a movie? Cheese platters or mini sliders? BBQ or Pizza’s? With a home cinema, you will have drinks at the ready and food set to go. No overpriced food at the footy or the movies… chill your drinks to the perfect temperature and eat the best food, in your own home.

Get the Kids Involved

Taking the family to the movies or to a footy game can get rather expensive, not to mention the whinging from some of the kids (or the parents!). With a home theatre, the whole family can get involved without the stress. Set the volume, the lights, the temperature, and pause or rewind each time someone needs the loo! Kids will also LOVE being in charge of the remote when it’s time to watch a game, or when they invite their mates over for a movie night.

Wow your Friends

You’ll have the best social life as everyone will want to come to your place! We all like to impress our friends, and for those of us that like to be the host, being able to invite people over to the ultimate movie or game experience is a dream come true. And whether you choose luxury recliners for everyone to lie back on, or just some simple chairs, everyone will love being in the comfort of a home theatre.

Control the Sound, Volume, Temperature

It’s pretty easy to push a few buttons on the thermostat and get the perfect temperature in the theatre room. Hot days might need a steady supply of air con while wet, wintery days will feel cosy with the heat on. Likewise, you can set the lighting to the right mood: movies might suit dimmed lights, while for the footy game you’ll probably want the lights up. And, you can look to optimize he sound by strategically placing the right speakers at the right part of the room.

Update Equipment as you Need

A home theatre is your place to enjoy binge-watching your favourite TV shows, stream movies, or watch the footy on the weekend with friends and family.
But, if you can’t go all out on the setup the first time, gradually upgrade as your budget will allow. Over time you can add to or adjust your equipment. Start with the basics: a couple of comfy chairs, or a recliner. Plus a screen (TV or projector) and the right lighting and sound, and start enjoying your home theatre.

Ready to Speak to the Expert Home Theatre Builders?

Find out how Flexi can create your new home theatre. Contact us today and speak to one of our experienced home cinema designers. At Flexi, our designers can custom design your home theatre, considering all your audio-visual equipment requirements. We also offer exceptional after-care service, with ten-year workmanship warranties and lifetime warranties on all moving parts such as drawer runners and hinges. Flexi has created many amazing custom home theatres for the people of Perth so call us today on 08 9301 4200.

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