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Kitchen Drawers and Other Sanity Savers

Aug 17, 2020

We’ve all got that crazy drawer for the useful things with no other logical place – elastic bands, batteries, pens, paperclips, a once-used lemon zester, even a pet rock… And then the drawer that’s filled with plastic containers (yet we can never find the matching lid!)

Do you know there’s a solution to kitchen chaos? One of the great things about updating your kitchen is you can design it anyway you like.

If you’re like many people, you’ll have cancelled outdoor parties & travel plans for 2020. So why not spend that money on your next project… the long-awaited kitchen renovations!

Start today and you’ll have a brand-new kitchen before Christmas. Imagine what the family will have to say about that! You’ll look like you were very productive during iso!

Kitchen design is like that old saying ‘beauty on the outside, brains on the inside’. They have stunning exteriors with many kitchen door finishes, knobs and handles available. But we underestimate the smart design that’s happening on the inside. It’s these little additions that make a big impact.

Quick Drawers

We love kitchen drawers because they mean no more crouching and reaching into dark cupboards. When you open a drawer you can see everything that’s inside. And they are soft closing so the kids (and dog) won’t hear you if you get up and make a midnight snack!

Divide and Conquer

Custom drawer dividers help organise pots, frypans, pot lids, casserole dishes and serving ware. Basically they stop everything becoming a hot mess! You can remove them whenever you want and reposition them if your storage needs change.

Cutlery Trays

These have come a long way over the years. Available in different shapes and sizes, there are cutlery trays for your everyday needs as well as trays designed for cooking knives and other utensils. It is so satisfying seeing everything lined up and organised (you’ll never lose that lemon zester again!)

Wine Racks

The golden rule of kitchen design is “let no space go unused”. When you’re designing a new kitchen, spaces are often created that can be used for extra storage. Wine racks are a clever way of capitalising on unused spaces. They also give your kitchen a very high end, gourmet look. Put wine storage out of the way under the kitchen bench, in between kitchen cabinets or overhead close to your wine glasses

Pull Out Bins

There’s no need to have the kitchen bin on display when you can hide it within a pull-out kitchen drawer. This makes cleaning up easy when you’re wiping down kitchen benches and tidying up cooking scraps. Choose to have two separate removable kitchen bins for sorting organic waste from your recycling.

Corner Storage Solutions

Kitchen corners can be a challenge especially for U-shaped kitchens. Corner solutions such as rotating, pull-out racks are fantastic way to store pots and pans, ensuring no space is wasted.

Pantry Options

If you’re tight on pantry space then make the most of every inch. With a Flexi Kitchen you can include pantry door-mounted racks and pull out drawers for extra food storage.

Spice It Up

Spices easily get out of control and it’s hard to keep track of what spices you have. Who else has ended up with five jars of smoked paprika? Avoid this with built-in spice organisers with your spices arranged nicely on display. The main thing is to keep them close to the cooktop!

When you create a Flexi Kitchen, our kitchen designers listen to you and add extra space savers to suit your cooking style. Some people are budding master chefs, others are brilliant bakers, others are microwave masters. Whichever you are, Contact Flexi and we will make sure you are calm and organised while cooking in your new kitchen.

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