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You’ll Always Find me in the Outdoor Kitchen at Parties

Jul 31, 2020

It’s no secret we’ve spent more time at home than ever in 2020, with social distancing and other restrictions in place. And whilst it’s come with challenges, it’s also been a great time for us to review what is and isn’t working around our homes.


Staying in is the new going out


Here in WA we can enjoy a climate that’s perfect for outdoor entertaining; allowing us to spend more time outdoors than in during the warmer months. We love warm summer nights, drinks on the deck and enjoying seafood cooked on the BBQ with friends and family.

With a fully-fitted alfresco kitchen, you can entertain all year round and make the most of Perth’s mild winters. People who’ve installed outdoor kitchens are often amazed at how much they use it and will find any excuse to cook and entertain outdoors even in the cooler weather.

Home-made pizzas, footy grand final parties and Sunday roasts are all possible when you have an alfresco kitchen. Because when it comes to entertaining, nobody wants to be stuck inside slaving over a hot oven while the guests are enjoying themselves outdoors.

Flexi will design and install your dream outdoor kitchen as a seamless extension of your home interior. With modern home designs often featuring open plan living, the addition of a kitchen to your alfresco area will enhance the outdoor space you already have.

And just as when you design an indoor kitchen you’ll need to carefully consider the function of your outdoor kitchen (no matter what the size).

Designing the right layout, creating functional spaces and putting thought into the layout will ensure smooth workflow, easy access to cooking tools and ample preparation and serving space. To book a free kitchen design consultation, get in touch with Flexi Kitchen Renovations today and we’ll help you nail the best layout for your needs.


Some alfresco kitchen items to consider are below:



The hero of any outdoor kitchen! You can choose from a wide range of gas or electric barbecues. Decide on the features you’ll need – the number of burners, hotplate and grill. Once you have chosen, your barbecue needs to be installed by a registered professional (which Flexi can arrange).


Smoke gets in your eyes? Not with an outdoor range hood! These are highly recommended for your alfresco kitchen and essential in extracting smoke and reducing cooking smells and grease from your outdoor area. These rangehoods are more powerful than their indoor counterparts and made from heavy duty materials.

Sink and Taps

Make cleaning up easy with an outdoor kitchen sink with flick mixer taps. There’s no need to carry the dirty dishes inside; you can do them outdoors and then conveniently store your clean plates, glasses and cutlery until they’re needed next.

Bench and preparation areas

Benchtops for outdoor kitchens must be weather and water resistant; scratchproof and hard-wearing. Choose from porcelain or granite benchtops that are easy to clean and will stand up to the elements.

Kitchen Storage

Good storage is key to keeping your cooking ingredients, serving ware, glassware and cleaning products handy and organised. No need to run back inside to grab stuff when it’s all on hand in your outdoor kitchen cupboards!

Each element of alfresco kitchens must be weather resistant and able to stand up to Perth’s harsh summers. Materials need to be scratch proof, water proof, weather resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

So that’s the basics! You can of course then choose additional items to take your alfresco kitchen to the next level…

Pizza Ovens

Everyone loves woodfired pizzas. But don’t just stop at pizzas. You can use outdoor ovens to cook casseroles, meats and many other dishes you’d usually make in a traditional oven.

Outdoor Lighting

You may already have adequate lighting in your alfresco area but if not, add more lighting to ensure adequate light above your cooking and preparation areas. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to have mood lighting in your outdoor dining zone.

Outdoor Heating

Beat the winter chills and dine alfresco all year round just like your favourite restaurant. Free-standing gas heaters, wall mounted electric heaters and fire pits bring warmth and comfort to your alfresco area during the cooler months.

Outdoor Refrigeration

Whether is keeping the drinks cool, storing salads or marinating meat, an outdoor refrigerator will help to reduce the load on your inside fridge and keep everything cold and close by.

Lounging and Dining Furniture

An outdoor dining setting and outdoor sofas will ensure you have all the creature comforts of the indoors so you can use your alfresco as an extra living area.

Outdoor Television

Movie nights, watching sport and gaming are all possible when you install a tv in your alfresco area. Imagine watching the footy finals or the Melbourne Cup in your outdoor area!

Get Set for Summer

Summer will be here quicker than you can blink. Now’s the time to start kitchen renovations for your under-utilised outdoor kitchen space, so you enjoy it over Christmas.

If this has inspired you, get in touch with Flexi Kitchen Renovations today to see new possibilities for your alfresco area. Our kitchen renovation designers will help create a beautifully functional outdoor kitchen that suits your budget and your lifestyle.

Join the alfresco kitchens movement and never miss out on the fun again. By adding an alfresco kitchen, you can socialise while you cook AND add value to your home!

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