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Everything You Need to Know About Built-in Wardrobes

Nov 13, 2023

Built-in wardrobes are a common fixture in most homes, especially in minor bedrooms. They are also known as fitted wardrobes or built-in robes. Built-in wardrobes offer a lot of benefits to freestanding wardrobes and deserve a closer look.

So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about built-in wardrobes.

1. Enjoy Added Customisation

One of the strongest benefits of built-in wardrobes is their customisation. These custom-made wardrobes are designed to fit the available space perfectly, taking into account high ceilings, awkward nooks and other challenges to offer much-needed storage.

For an idea of how built-in wardrobes can be customised to fit any space, check out our latest dressing room and built-in wardrobe renovation project in Fremantle. This project utilised the high ceilings perfectly to add additional storage, transforming a cramped bedroom into a tidy and welcoming space.

2. Improve your Aesthetics

Built-in wardrobes are designed to suit the overall aesthetics of your space, creating a seamless look. This includes everything from the type of wardrobe doors, through to the door handles, colour palette and much more.

Our recent wardrobe renovation projects in Floreat, Dalkeith and Fremantle show how you can easily customise your built-in wardrobe to achieve your desired aesthetic, no matter what style of home you have.

3. You can be Creative with Storage

Bedroom wardrobes are true lifesavers when it comes to storage solutions. Built-in wardrobes offer a variety of storage options, from drawers and hanging space through to additional cupboards for storing seasonal items. Once you’ve figured out the dimensions of your space, the floor is yours to get creative!

To find out how you can organise your space with ease, check out our blog on ‘5 signs you need to de-clutter your wardrobe.’

4. Add Value to your Home

Storage space is prime real estate when it comes to your home. Anything that makes your home feel bigger, brighter and tidier will get a big tick from any future buyers – so what’s not to love? A custom designed built-in wardrobe can add real value to your home over the years, making it a positive investment today.

5. Choose from a Range of Materials

Custom wardrobes in Perth come in all shapes, sizes and appearances. Our Flexi team can help you find the right materials to finish off your built-in wardrobe in style. This includes:

  • A range of wardrobe door finishes and colours
  • Gloss or matte finishes
  • High-quality door handles, drawer handles and other hardware

Wardrobe Solutions in Perth

At Flexi, we can’t get enough of wardrobes. Dressing rooms, walk-in wardrobes, built-in wardrobes – you name it. Our wardrobe fitout projects in Perth have included wardrobes of all shapes and sizes in both modern and traditional style homes.

We service the Perth northern suburbs and Perth southern suburbs equally, with our Flexi showrooms located in Joondalup and Myaree. We welcome you to pop in and chat to a member of our team.

Until then, make sure to browse some of our recent projects across Perth or take a look at our online gallery for more inspiration. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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