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Helpful Ways to Live More Sustainably at Home

Jan 24, 2023

There are so many ways to live more sustainably at home, with the benefits adding up over time to help reduce your environmental footprint. We’ve put together a few ideas for you to try across your home, so make sure to have a look!​

Consult the Stars

When it comes to kitchen, laundry and bathroom appliances, it’s best to consult the stars. Take a good look at the energy and water star ratings of each appliance, with more stars equalling greater efficiency. While efficient appliances are generally costlier to purchase upfront, they offer long-term cost savings as well as positive environmental benefits.

Focus on your Wardrobe

A huge amount of clothes end up in landfill each year, with this number continuing to rise. Wardrobe solutions to combat this issue include buying second-hand, avoiding fast fashion products, or investing in key pieces that can take you from season to season. You can read our previous blog about minimalist wardrobes for more helpful insights.

Start Composting

AThere are many ways to be more sustainable our kitchens (you can find more sustainable tips here), but one easy place to start is by composting your food waste. The following can be placed in a compost bin, helping to recycle organic matter that you can then use to improve your garden:

  • Vegetable scraps
  • Crushed eggshells
  • Green plant cuttings and weeds
  • Tea and coffee grounds
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Dry Leaves

Reduce your Waste

Whether it’s going paperless in your home office, turning off appliances at the wall when you’re not using them, taking shorter showers, planning meals ahead or cutting down on single-use plastics in your home, there are so many ways you can look to reduce your waste. Even things like switching to a Keep Cup for your daily coffee can really add up over time.

Switch to Energy-Efficient Bulbs

One easy way to save energy in your home is by switching to energy-efficient light sources (such as LED and CFL bulbs). These last longer and use less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs. In the day, try to make use of natural light whenever possible.

Go Green

Adding a little more greenery inside and outside your home is a great way of purifying the air around you. Plants also provide a host of long-term benefits, and you can propagate many species (such as Devil’s ivy), so that you can keep adding more and more to your collection over time.

Create a Sustainable Future with Flexi

At Flexi, our team is ready to help you enjoy a more sustainable life at home. Our kitchen renovations, home office renovations, home theatre designs, custom made wardrobes and everything in between can give your home a new and greener outlook.

You can view some of our latest projects in Floreat, Subiaco and Dalkeith, or visit us at our showrooms at Joondalup or Myaree to see our designs up close. To get started, contact our friendly team today.

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