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Creative Storage Ideas for Smaller Homes

Dec 15, 2022

We’ve rounded up 10 ideas to maximise the available storage in smaller homes – have a look and see what you think!

Use Vertical Spaces

It’s time to look up! Going vertical is a great way to create instant storage in your home. One way to achieve this is by installing hooks or baskets on the back of doors, which you can use to store accessories, shoes, cleaning supplies, stationery and much more. Wardrobes are a good place to bring this to life.

Open Shelving in Kitchen

If your kitchen could do with a little more storage, open shelving is a smart way to achieve it. You can use open shelving to store things like plates, cups and glasses, making it easy for you to grab what you need. Open shelving is popular in many modern custom kitchens due to its practicality.

Hang Up a Peg Board

A simple way to add more storage to your study nook is to install a peg board. Once you’ve attached it securely to the wall, you can set about filling your board with all your craft and stationery supplies. Just attach hooks to the board to hang things like scissors and threads, while added shelves can become the perfect home for your pens, pencils and other equipment. You can also add personality by hanging up artwork or adding small potted plants.

Swap Out Your Bulky Hangers

If your bedroom wardrobes are filled to the brim, an easy way to create instant storage is by swapping out your bulky hangers. Velvet flocked hangers are a great choice.

Install Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding wardrobe doors can add instant space into your bedroom. Swapping out your traditional wardrobe doors will provide more floor space, while mirrored doors can make even the smallest bedroom suddenly feel a lot bigger.

Use Baskets to Store Clutter

Keep your living room and entryway clutter-free by adding a few decorative baskets. These can be used to store any stray toys, books, blankets and other items, hiding away the mess and keeping your floor nice and clear.

Use Glass or Plastic Storage in your Pantry

Bulky boxes can quickly take up a lot of space in your pantry. Consider investing in plastic or glass jars (you can even use recycled coffee jars) to keep your groceries organised.

Install Hooks at Your Front Door

By installing a couple or more hooks at your front door, you’ll have instant hanging space for things like hats, coats, scarves and bags. If you have the space, you can also add a small table to house your keys and other small items.

Utilise Hidden Storage

From squashy ottomans to couches with hidden storage or beds with added drawers, furniture with hidden storage creates so much potential in your home. It utilises space that would otherwise have been wasted, and offers incredible versatility across all rooms in your home.

Keep on Top of Clutter

Finally, make sure to stay on top of things in your home if storage is an issue. Every six months or so, take a moment to consider the items in your home. By donating items you don’t need anymore, you can help to keep your home neat, tidy and organised.

Speak to the Storage Experts

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