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Walk-In Wardrobes: The Luxury You Deserve in Your Home

Jun 14, 2024

As walk-ins start to rule the wardrobe empire, these dreams are no longer out of reach. In this blog we explore the different walk-in wardrobe styles you can customise to meet your space and preferences.

The Open-Style

If you have limited space, an open wardrobe is the ideal solution. This design concept eliminates the use of doors and creates a wardrobe area that fits into the tightest spaces, making your room look bigger without compromising its style. It may not be an entire room dedicated to your wardrobe, but the open-style still benefits from customised shelves and storage units that allow you to display your apparel so you can see everything in a single glance.

The key to open wardrobes is to prioritise organisation and tidiness – a perfect option for people who shy away from chaos!

The Walkthrough to the Ensuite

Often, a walk-in wardrobe is placed between the bathroom and the bedroom. This location is practical – you can literally step out of the shower and into your clothes! A lot of people enjoy the extra level of privacy and convenience that this layout offers. If you want to streamline the process of getting ready each day, this is a great option!

If you are considering this feature in your home, investing in a good bathroom ventilation system is worthwhile. Due to the close proximity of bathroom moisture and steam, your clothes may be at risk of mould.

The Walk-In Carved Out of the Bedroom

Sectioning off an area of your room can create a whole new space for your clothes and accessories. Take advantage of clever layout design by including an extra wall behind the bedframe or divide the space with a stud wall. Fit these spaces with drawers and shelving and you’ve got a walk-in wardrobe! Carving out an area in your room gives you the option to close it off with a sliding door or leave the entrance open to create a seamless transition between bedroom and wardrobe.

If your space only allows for a small wardrobe section, our go-to design tip is adding a mirror to one end. This serves the dual purpose of creating the illusion that the space is bigger and helps you assess your outfit!

The Luxury Walk-In

If you are able to dedicate an entire room for your walk-in wardrobe, the options are endless! Large mirrors, groovy artwork, personalised shelves, innovative storage solutions, a dressing table… These additions scream luxury and will be the envy of interior designer lovers! Strategise your floor plan to make the best use of your space and allow for the extra features that will take your walk-in wardrobe to the next level!

A walk-in wardrobe is more than just a storage space, it’s a sanctuary for you and your clothes and accessories. Designing a walk-in wardrobe that caters to your needs and exudes elegance requires thoughtful planning and expert craftsmanship.

At Flexi, we understand the value of a space that is truly your own. Our team specialises in bespoke, custom walk-in wardrobes, and is here to help you bring your dream walk-in wardrobe to life!

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