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Kitchen Design Styles: Let Your Personality Shine Through

Apr 29, 2024

How much (or how little) clutter you have, the colors you gravitate towards, and the types of material used, say more about your wants, needs, and daily habits than you may think. We have explored some popular kitchen design styles and what they suggest about your personality and taste.

The Classic

Elegant and traditional, tasteful and reserved – these are the best attributes to describe you if you have a classic kitchen. Classic cooking spaces are all about delicious food made with love and staying true to the kitchen being the hub for families and friends.

If you want to emulate the classic look and feel in your kitchen, select a beautiful neutral base palette, combined with plenty of architectural detail and warm, inviting soft furnishings. Add statement pieces with high detailed skirtings, architraves, cornices or wall paneling, together with stunning timber floors and fresh white walls.

The Coastal

If you love the coastal design style, we’re going to guess you love a casual and relaxed vibe. You want your kitchen to be a place of warmth and peace that reflects the way you feel on a beach or by the water.

To achieve this, incorporate a fresh palette with splashes of colour that give the impression of the outdoors coming in. Think deep greenery, wood tones or touches of blue. White walls help to replicate the light and spacious vibes of the outdoors, while timber floors add a sense of warmth. In the kitchen, subway tiles make for the perfect splashback, with fresh, light benchtops adding to the relaxed coastal feel!

The Hamptons

Hamptons style kitchens are the epitome of class and elegance, just like their owners. Not to be confused with the coastal style, Hampton-inspired kitchens make use of the same cool blues and teals to bring the affinity for the ocean to life while exuding luxury.

The ability to entertain and open up the kitchen space into the outdoor area to make the most of the cool ocean breezes, is very important. Hamptons-style enthusiasts love to host guests and bring loved ones into their kitchens for gatherings and celebrations.

The Modern

The modern kitchen owner tends to be edgy, energetic and on trend. Always looking for new technology, innovation and different ways of doing things, the typical modern kitchen owner will find ways to automate their experience in the kitchen.

Embrace this design style with a minimalist and sleek palette of timber, whites and grays. We like to start with a base of fresh white walls, and add colour and texture with timber flooring and cabinetry (and even ceiling paneling) in the kitchen. Surfaces should be kept neutral and clean if you want to stay true to the style, think warm whites and pale greys.

The Glamour

A glamorous personality is bold, dramatic and focuses on the limitless luxuries in life. These elements can be translated in the kitchen through dramatic, metallic materials, bold colour palettes and the integration of clean lines and statement pieces that each tell their own story.

Don’t be afraid to play around with different elements to really make it your style.

The Vintage

Vintage lovers embrace the new, while respecting the old. Their kitchens will accomplish the perfect balance between elements of the ‘old’ and seamlessly integrating them with more modern styles. Vintage design incorporates a lot of colour, so be sure to pick out the base colours you want to use and rotate them evenly throughout your space. Open shelving in the kitchen is a big part of the vintage look, where you can showcase key pieces such as glassware or china.

The magic of kitchen styling lies in its ability to infuse your space with personality. Whether you want your kitchen to be a window into your soul, or a space that subtly reveals your personal traits and tastes to your guests, our team of experienced builders are here to help you bring your vision to life.

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