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Transforming the Heart of Your Home: Trending Kitchen Designs in 2024

Mar 22, 2024

This year we’re witnessing a redefining of the conventional, delicate balance between style and practicality, and taking a thrilling leap toward new colours, features and trends. This shift in custom kitchen design is set to take the heart of the home to the next level! If you are embracing 2024 as the year you elevate your space, take some inspiration from the top trends dominating kitchen design at the moment.

Make Room for Warm, Rich Colours

Green and blue tones have dominated kitchen trends for the past few years, but it’s finally time to make room for something new. Warm, rich hues paired with understated neutrals are taking centre stage to infuse kitchens with a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Think burgundy, scarlet and brown. New kitchens are layering coarse materials like stone, wood and brick, against walls painted in toasty tones like ochre and peach.

If you’re not ready to commit to a full kitchen renovation, updating your cabinetry is a great way to breathe new life into your space. We suggest using the warm undertones of the red and orange in wooden cabinetry to achieve the cosy aesthetic and make your kitchen feel brand new.

It’s all About a Designated Beverage Area

Let’s be honest.. We’re a society that loves our coffee! Getting our dose of happiness (caffeine) is something we look forward to, no matter the time of the day. So, it’s no surprise that coffee corners and designated beverage areas are taking over modern kitchen design. There are a lot of benefits to this custom kitchen design feature. A designated area has everything you need – from assorted tea bags to sweeteners to designated coffee mugs – in one place to simplify the process of making a drink! When you’re hosting, you can direct your guests to the designated area to enjoy a drink while you focus on the meal prep.

Whether you have perfected your coffee ritual and require several gadgets to create the ideal brew (or just one show-stopping espresso machine), are dreaming of an at-home smoothie bar, or you’re saving space for a swoon-worthy kitchen bar setup, a designated beverage area is a stylish inclusion that will upgrade your space and is sure to impress your guests!

Multi-Functional Kitchen Islands

A ‘must-have’ feature in modern kitchens, the island, isn’t going anywhere in 2024. However, it is getting a makeover! Bar-style designs featuring split-level countertops, display shelving, storage solutions and complementary seating are predicted to replace the traditional block design, as the new norm. Expect islands with built-in charging stations and retractable workspaces to accommodate a range of activities, from remote working to hosting intimate gatherings.

In 2024, it’s time to elevate your kitchen island from a simple prep area to a multi-functional space that can act as a dining, workstation and social hub all in one.

Minimal Luxe

You heard it here first: minimalism is here to stay, but the basic minimalist style isn’t cutting it this year. Keeping up with the trends, requires you to blend your minimalist aesthetic with quiet luxury to create an elegant yet homely feel throughout your kitchen.

Minimal luxe incorporates the same aspects of minimalist style we all know and love – the simplicity and lack of clutter – combined with a warmer, softer vibe that is a subtle hint at luxury. In a minimal luxe-inspired kitchen the lines are curvier, the textures deeper and the colours more mellow.

To achieve the desired lived-in, homely style, revamp your kitchen with warm, brass accents, mix wood with stone and marble, keep your colour palette warm and neutral and go subtle with your kitchen lighting.

With our extensive options in kitchen cabinetry designs and colours and range of handles and accessories, we have everything you need to transform your kitchen into a custom-built, functional and trendy space that will become the focal point of your home.

Our experienced team is always ready to point you in the right direction. If you’d like to talk further about achieving your kitchen goals in 2024, book a free consultation today. We look forward to speaking to you soon.


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