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From Blank Space to Creative Sanctuary: Tips to Furnishing your Custom Home Office

Mar 14, 2024

A custom-built home office has the potential to reinvent the way you work to prioritise privacy, practicality and productivity in your work space. But that’s not even the best part! Once you’ve built your custom home office there is the exciting opportunity to furnish your office space with gadgets and accessories that are a reflection of your personal style. These stylish inclusions will cater to your work needs but also feed your soul! We’ve compiled some recommendations on the best way to start furnishing your dream home office and the must-have essentials.

Start with a Vision

Take a moment to envision your dream workspace. Consider what you want to achieve with the space and what items you need to work at the optimum level. Are there certain colour schemes that encourage your creativity? Does a minimalist style make you feel more productive than an eclectic space?
If you need guidance choosing an aesthetic, we love to draw inspiration from Pinterest boards and furniture catalogues. To ensure your space is cohesive and oozes style, it’s key to have a clear vision before you start to make decisions about the furniture and decor.

Invest in a Quality Desk and Chair

When you’ve chosen your desired aesthetic, it’s time to start furnishing! The foundation of any home office is a great desk and chair. We recommend choosing a desk that accommodates your work style – whether you need a large surface to hold multiple monitors or a height-adjustable desk for health benefits.
Your chair is arguably the most important part of your office. You spend hours of the day parked in your office chair and taking the time to find a beautiful, ergonomically correct and comfortable seat is worth every minute and every dime.

Accessorise to Add a Personal Touch

Accessories truly make the space your own. Add personal touches that inspire you. Start with your favourite mug, some trendy stationery, filling the space with plants or fitting a bookshelf with your favourite reads. Include a homey rug on the floor or hang artwork that sparks joy.
There are so many extras that can enhance the vibe of your office space.

Master Your Technology

A great home office will be equipped with all the tech gear you need to get through your day. Make sure to keep your laptop or PC on a flat, steady surface and out of spill range of drinks and food.
Laptop stands, monitors, a keyboard, mouse, printer and headset are not the most stylish items in your home office. While you can’t do much to beautify these items, hiding unsightly cords, setting up your equipment close to outlets and encasing cords in fabric covers are a great way to start! Consider taming any jungle of cords with winders, tubing, or a wire organiser that’s attached to the desk and lifts the cords off the floor. Decorating your monitor with stickers is another fun way to beautify your tech!

Storage Essentials

We know adequate storage space was at the top of your custom home office wish list. And even though this wish was fulfilled, somehow clutter still finds a way to sneak in. Pens, papers, sticky notes demand space on your desk, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be displayed in a neat and tidy manner. That’s where pen jars, paper trays and file holders come in handy. Concealing the additional clutter allows you to work free of distraction!

Furnishing your custom-built home office is a journey that marries your professional requirements with your personal style. Following a clear vision, taking the time to invest in quality office essentials and reflecting your personality through your accessories will transform your standard home office into a sanctuary for productivity, privacy, creativity and inspiration. We hope these tips are helpful in elevating your custom home office and at-home working experience.

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