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Ideas to Help you Refresh your Wardrobes

Oct 21, 2021

As the leaders in creating custom wardrobes Perth wide, we have some great ideas for you to consider. Let’s get started!

Clear Out Your Current Wardrobes

First things first. Before you consider installing a new custom wardrobe, modern dressing rooms, walk in wardrobes or any other solution, it’s time to get organised. Set aside a few hours (or even a full day for multiple wardrobes) to go through your clothes, shoes and accessories.
Is there anything taking up space that you no longer need? Is your storage bursting at the seams? If so, it’s time to get tough on yourself. Create ‘keep’, ‘sell’ and ‘donate’ piles to help you clear out your wardrobes and create a more realistic idea of the space you’ll need.

Consider Ways to Maximise Storage

If you don’t have the space in your home for large dressing rooms or a luxury walk in wardrobe, don’t fear! There are plenty of ways you can add more storage space to any type of wardrobes. These include:

  • Adding drawers instead of shelving. Drawers allow you to take advantage of all available space, so that you’re not reaching back to try to find the clothes or accessories you want.
  • Using thinner hangers (such as the velvet flocked variety) instead of bulkier wooden hangers can save you plenty of hanging space.
  • Adding dedicated shoe storage to stop you leaving your shoes in a pile on your wardrobe floor (which many of us are guilty of).
  • Swapping your hinged wardrobe doors for sliding wardrobe doors or sliding mirror wardrobe doors. These might not create more storage opportunities inside your wardrobe itself, but will save you space in your bedroom (and mirrored doors will also make the room seem larger).
  • Making use of ‘dead’ space, including adding corner shelving, hanging hooks on the doors to store accessories or shoes, and making the most of the top shelving area for bulkier items.
  • Re-organising your clothes by season (such as spring/summer and autumn/winter). Any clothes you don’t need, fold carefully and store in plastic crates. This makes for great walk in wardrobe storage solutions, where you can quickly store and retrieve your clothes whenever you need them.

Maintain a Neutral Décor

By adding a fresh coat of paint to your wardrobe, you can instantly make the space feel brighter and more airy. Consider neutral tones such as crisp white or a pale yellow or pink. Neutral tones also work throughout a classic dressing room, allowing you to add personality through wall art or furnishings to complete the space.

Add Feature Lighting

Feature lighting can immediately turn a dark wardrobe into a bright, airy and functional space. If you have a small walk in wardrobe or a small dressing room, strategic feature lighting can make a statement and allow you to optimise the space. For built in wardrobes, LED strip lighting can help you draw attention to storage areas and create a personalised feel. No matter what type of wardrobe you have, just make sure you’re not left in the dark!

Consider an Upgrade

There’s no doubt that clever storage solutions add real value to any home. If you feel custom made wardrobes can take your home to the next level, we’re here to help you make it happen. At Flexi, we’re proud to offer a wide range of wardrobe solutions Perth. Whether you’re after a custom built wardrobe, a custom walk in wardrobe, dressing rooms, or even flat pack wardrobes or free standing wardrobes, we’ve got what you need.

For more information about our wardrobe installation Perth services and design advice, book a free consultation with our friendly team today.

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