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Choosing the Right Kitchen Layout

Dec 13, 2021

As the experts in custom kitchen renovations Perth, our Flexi team can help you find the right layout to suit your specific needs. Whether it’s traditional kitchen or a modern kichen, we’ve put together a list of the six most popular kitchen layouts to get you inspired for your future kitchen remodel project.

The Island Kitchen

With open plan living spaces becoming more and more popular, the island kitchen is a common choice in modern kitchens Perth. This type of layout includes a large island bench in the centre, offering huge versatility. Many custom kitchen renovations opt for this type of layout.


  • Creates a defined area in an open plan living area
  • Helps make the kitchen a true hub (seating, breakfast bar, etc)
  • Increases both storage space and food preparation space


  • Can be more costly to produce
  • Can disrupt kitchen workflow

Peninsula Kitchen

Many custom kitchens Perth are home to the peninsula kitchen layout, and it’s easy to see why. A peninsula kitchen is similar to the island kitchen, with the island attached (or ‘jutting out’) from the wall. It’s a great way to achieve a stylish look while maximising functionality.


  • A great option for narrow spaces
  • Added bench space, which is great for entertaining
  • Easier to create specific work zones


  • Trying to maximise the corner space
  • Can create a narrow entry space into the kitchen, which can lead to traffic jams if working in a narrow area

U-Shaped Kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen has benchtops and kitchen cabinets across three adjacent walls. This layout is a great way to make the kitchen feel like a defined and stand-alone space, while maximising the efficiency of the kitchen triangle.


  • Creates plenty of storage options
  • Easy to organise into effective work zones
  • Plenty of flexibility


  • Two corner sections to design around
  • Can feel cluttered with more than one person if narrow

L-Shaped Kitchen

Long beloved for its practicality, the L-shaped kitchen layout is a common choice for kitchen renovations Perth. It consists of two main sides that meet in the middle and is ideal for open-plan living areas. You can also consider adding a moveable island to the space to create more work zones.


  • Ideal for smaller home designs
  • Easy to create separate work zones for maximum efficiency


  • Storage can be limited
  • The corner cabinets can waste space

Galley Kitchen

This type of layout features two rows of kitchen cabinets facing each other. This layout is a practical solution if you have a narrow space that is longer than it is wide. Having two rows of kitchen cabinets provides plenty of flexibility when it comes to storage.


  • No pesky corner space to deal with
  • An efficient use of space for narrow kitchens
  • Ability to separate different work zones


  • Ease of movement can be restricted
  • Can be cramped if more than one person is cooking if narrow

One Wall Kitchen

As its name suggests, the one wall kitchen consists of a single benchtop, units and appliances set against one wall. This layout is common in homes that have limited kitchen space. By utilising the vertical space from benchtop to ceiling and being smart about your storage solutions, you can create a practical and functional kitchen.


  • Again, no pesky corner space
  • Everything you need in close proximity


  • Both space and storage can be very limited
  • Efficiency is compromised (no kitchen triangle)

Finding the Layout that’s Best for You

So, how can you find out which layout will work best for you? Our Flexi team can go through the pros and cons of each with you, while considering the size and specifications of your current home design. We’ve proudly delivered kitchen renovations across Joondalup, Perth, Fremantle and beyond, and are ready to help whenever you need us.
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