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How to add value with functional wardrobe designs?

Dec 23, 2021

The humble wardrobe has come a long way over the years. From built-in solutions and custom-made wardrobes through to the ultimate walk-in wardrobe, these spaces help to elevate any bedroom​.

So, how can you get on board? At Flexi, we pride ourselves on designing and building custom made wardrobes Perth wide. We understand what people are looking for in custom wardrobes Perth – and we’re here to share that information with you. Let’s get started!

Switch from Hinged to Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Smaller bedrooms and hinged wardrobe doors don’t always mix. To open up some space and offer a more functional layout, sliding wardrobe doors are often the way to go. This easy and cost-effective swap not only makes life easier but can add real value for very little effort.
You can also add some decorative flair to make a style statement. Many built in wardrobes Perth offer decorative trims or panelling on the doors, as well as luxury finishes (think brushed gold handles) to add that little extra personality.

Create More Space with a Mirror

Speaking of adding a little extra space to a room, mirrored built-in wardrobe doors or walk in robe doors can make an instant impact. They not only create a modern appeal but bring in natural light and make even the smallest bedroom feel a lot bigger. Again, it’s a simple update – and the rewards are well worth it.

Plan your Walk-in-Wardrobe Storage

A custom walk-in wardrobe (also known as a walk-in closet) can add serious value to your home. After all, there’s nothing better than being able to showcase your clothes and accessories or being able to keep clutter at bay.

Here are some handy tips to maximise your walk-in wardrobe storage:

  • Prioritise hanging space. This includes a mixture of long hanging space (for dresses or coats) as well as short hanging space for pants, shirts and skirts.
  • Install drawers to help you easily store your accessories and clothes, while being able to quickly grab what you need.
  • Make use of all available space. This includes storage boxes above your hanging rails, using space behind the doors and installing clever custom built wardrobe storage solutions that maximise otherwise redundant space.

Use the Same Hangers

By adding a fresh coat of paint to your wardrobe, you can instantly make the space feel brighter and more airy. Consider neutral tones such as crisp white or a pale yellow or pink. Neutral tones also work throughout a classic dressing room, allowing you to add personality through wall art or furnishings to complete the space.

Add Feature Lighting

While this isn’t a design update, it can still add value through aesthetics. Does your wardrobe contain a mixture of wire hangers, plastic hangers, or even those big decorative numbers with plenty of lace? If so, consider taking a more uniformed approach. By choosing velvet flocked hangers, you can not only save serious space, but you instantly create a neater and far less cluttered wardrobe look. Win/win!

Illuminate your Wardrobe Space

The best built-in and walk in wardrobes Perth have lighting that’s specially designed to highlight specific areas. From downlights to strip lights and everything in between, the right lighting not only makes your wardrobe feel bigger and luxurious, but helps you find what you’re looking for easily.

Get Started Today

As an expert in wardrobe storage solutions Perth and beyond, Flexi can help you add serious value to your home with the perfect wardrobes. We not only offer wardrobe installation Perth-wide, but our expert team can come to your home for a free consultation to discuss the various ways you can achieve all your wardrobe dreams.

Our services span from north of the river (Joondalup and beyond), right through to Myaree, Fremantle and other southern suburbs. So, whenever you’re ready to get started, speak with our friendly team. We look forward to seeing what we can help you create!

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