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Tips for Maximising Space in Smaller Kitchens

May 30, 2022

As leaders in Perth kitchen renovations, our Flexi renovations team love nothing more than to create custom kitchens that offer long-term benefits. With that in mind, we have some great tips to help you maximise the space in a smaller kitchen.

Knock Out a Wall

A small kitchen can become a big one by removing or altering walls to allow more space or create the open plan you are looking for. So rather than just build another kitchen in your current kitchen footprint, look at the option of opening your space with removing a wall or two and get a total transformation that will give you extra storage as well.

Swap Cupboards for Drawers

If you’ve ever spent time hunting for items deep in the back of your kitchen cupboard, you’ll understand how frustrating this can be. By swapping cupboards for drawers, you can ensure the items you need are always within easy reach – and even easier to spot.

You can also make the most of your cupboard space by items such as Lazy Susan’s in corners or even drawers in your pantry unit for easy access to the items at the back or at the bottom level. The more storage space you can create, the less clutter you’ll have on your benchtops, which will all help to make your kitchen seem larger.

Take Advantage of Wall Space

Wall space is premium real estate when it comes to small kitchens. There are several ways you can take advantage of this:

  • Add a shallow shelf between your cupboards and benchtop areas to store cups, spices, jars or other items.
  • Utilise the space on the walls with full cabinets. Custom designed cabinetry has many options for wall storage, including clever oven and cooktop storage to allow for smaller spaces.
  • Create an industrial look and attach a hanging rail under your cabinets to hang your most-used pots and saucepans.

Update your Lighting

The right lighting can make a space feel instantly bigger and brighter. Start with the natural light – are your windows working for you as well as they could? Avoid heavy window treatments and let the light shine in. As for your lighting itself, consider task lighting that adds warmth to your working areas.

You can also brighten up the room by refreshing the paint on your walls. Go for neutral colours or a soft white for the best results.

Invest in Storage

Mason jars, empty coffee jars, even recycled glass jars, plastic containers and specialised pantry accessories all make for the ideal storage solutions. You can use them to save serious space in your pantry by storing your snacks, breakfast cereals, pasta, rice and other ingredients – so that your pantry isn’t filled with cardboard boxes. The result not only looks so much tidier, but creates a lot of storage potential.  Simply add a label and you know exactly where everything is.

Create the Kitchen of your Dreams

If all this kitchen talk has you dreaming of a new and functional space, then it might be time to turn your kitchen remodel ideas into reality. From traditional kitchens to modern kitchens, our Flexi team can help you design a custom kitchen renovation that ticks all your boxes.

We’ve proudly delivered kitchen renovations in Joondalup, Fremantle, Perth and beyond – and we’re ready to help you take the next step. View our gallery of kitchen designs for a little inspiration, or contact our friendly team today to book a free design consultation.

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