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Clever Storage Solutions for Around your Home

Feb 25, 2022

Good storage is something that’s so easy to take for granted. It helps keep your home looking tidy and organised, and makes everything feel that little more spacious and calm.

Here are some great storage tips to think about:

  • Install a pegboard behind your door to hang up cleaning supplies (brooms, mops, dusters, etc). You can also use it to store cleaning products, pegs, or even hang up your ironing board.
  • Install open shelving and add labelled boxes or bins to store your cleaning supplies, detergent and other essentials.
  • Add a floating island if you have space, which you can use as a folding station.
  • Hang a drying rod above your washing machine to help keep your shirts crease-free (and to help with drying in winter).

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Kitchen Storage

Traditional kitchens, modern kitchens … no matter the style of your kitchen, good storage is essential. As the heart of your home, you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen each day, so having a functional space is well worth the effort.

  • Install clear desk organisers in your fridge to easily keep your drinks and snacks sorted.
  • Add a turntable to your corner cabinets to maximise the available space.
  • Use baskets or racks in high cabinets to double your storage capacity and stop you from having to reach right into the back.
  • Hang floating shelves to store your daily essentials (plates, coffee mugs, drinking glasses, etc).
  • Add organisers to your kitchen drawers to help you neatly store utensils, cutlery, baking needs and more.

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Bedroom Storage

Your bedroom should be a haven of rest and relaxation – somewhere to unwind after a busy day. So, the last thing you need is clutter everywhere to ruin the mood!

  • Use vacuum bags to store jumpers under your bed during summer, or purchase a bed with built-in storage drawers to keep blankets and seasonal items hidden away.
  • Don’t let overhead space in walk-in wardrobes go to waste. Invest in storage boxes to keep your bags, seasonal clothes or shoes out of the way until you need them.
  • Store your shoes vertically (such as behind your wardrobe doors) to save up on floor space.
  • Hang your jewellery on decorative hooks to stay organised and create an eye-catching feature.

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Living Room Storage

Last, but not least, it’s time to think about your living room situation so that you can entertain in style, or relax with ease whenever you like.

  • Install a wall unit to keep messy cables hidden away, and to store all your essentials (books, alcohol, games, glassware – you name it).
  • Invest in a bar cart that you can easily wheel in when you’re ready to entertain.
  • Consider dual-use furniture, such as ottomans, window seats or sofas with built-in storage. They’re great for keeping kids’ toys hidden away.
  • Add floating shelves to make the room more visually appealing and to keep your ornaments, books and other items nicely organised.

Make it Happen

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