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4 Tips to Bring the Cinemas to Your Perth Home

Jul 5, 2024

The weekend is a time to sit back, relax, unwind and if you’re feeling like it, a great chance to watch a movie in the cinemas. Who can resist that dark lighting, the comfortable ambience topped off with some salty popcorn?

But the plot twist is, you actually aren’t at your local theatre in Perth.

Yes, we are talking about your very own cinematic experience, right in the comfort of your own Perth home theatre. Renovating your home theatre adds so much excitement to your home for the family and while entertaining guests.

Here are 4 awesome home theatre design Perth tips for you to bring the cinemas to your home.

#1 Location is Everything! Take Careful Note of Where you Position the Theatre

Think about how you live in your home and position the theatre accordingly. Do you or your partner stay up while everyone else goes to bed? If so, position the theatre away from the kid’s rooms. If your partner goes to bed early and you stay up, position the theatre away from the master bedroom. There is nothing worse than having to watch your favourite movie at low volume.

If you are going to watch movies with family and friends, it might be a good idea to position it near your alfresco, so you can renovate your indoor/outdoor entertainment area with a theatre.

Our preference is to have easy access to the snacks, by placing a home theatre near the kitchen!

#2 Home Theatre Installation Perth: Set the Scene with Great Lighting

Create the “theatre glow” by building in floor lights along the walls of the room. We recommend placing these lights low to shine up against the wall. We also recommend having lights on a dimmer, so that you can turn them up or down to set the mood. These days you can get this as an app on your phone.

Don’t be afraid of natural light, large sized windows are great for the theatre. You just have to include block out curtains and blinds for when you want to darken the room.

#3 Seating is Everything if you Ask Us

When it comes to seating, comfort is king. Choose recliners with plush cushioning and adjustable settings for the ultimate relaxation.

Consider tiered seating arrangements if space allows, ensuring everyone has a perfect view of the screen. For added luxury, opt for seats with built-in cup holders and storage for remotes and snacks.

The right seating can transform your home theatre from a simple room to a personal cinema paradise.

#4 Extras that we Recommend you don’t Skip:

  • If you have the depth, try putting a step in one quarter of the theatre so you can have two rows of couches all facing the screen.
  • This next tip is a must if you ask us! Have a popcorn machine or bar in your Perth home theatre so you can have your very own gold class experience at home (without the admission fee – winning!).
  • Dark wallpaper helps with the theatre feel!
  • Sound proofing isn’t too pricey these days but failing this, painting on the walls really helps.

It’s Time to Talk to the Best Luxury Cinema Builders Perth

Finally, we’re also pleased to offer you a free one-hour design consultation where we can chat about your individual needs thoroughly. If you’d like to take your home theatre ideas to the next step, we’d love to hear from you! Contact our friendly luxury home theatre builders Perth team at Flexi.

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